The riders - among many others - include Flash Austin, Robby Naish, Katie Naish, Julie Prochaska, Chuck Paterson, Peter Trow, Kat Tracy, Max Bo, Fadi Assa, Samantha Batt, Chris Gilbert and many others. Oh, yeah, we do have Lou, Elliot and both Mauricios...

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P.O.V. shots that will blow you away!
Hot spots never seen before (Does Jaws mean anything to you? The notorious Gorge Sandbar is all over the mags. Now you can see it from the riders point of view and get really scared! What is the hottest thing on Sardinia - kitesurfing, windsurfing or topless babes?)
Killer soundtrack by GRINDSTONE and ENEMY.
The hottest kite ladies finally get recognition!
meet the riders in person with exclusive interviews.
Get useful info interactively - tips from the pros (no, this is not an instructional video but you will learn how the hottest stars do mind buggling tricks), traveling info, shops, equipment, how to dress so you don't look like a geek anymore and much more.
Internet enabled - automatic web links to the most significant kiteboarding related sites including continuous free video updates on Kite Flight's own web site.
Plus, new interactive features never available on DVD before.